The front is written is JavaScript with the AngularJS framework and rely on the Google Closure Compiler to work.

The build process relies on geo-infra. Before building the project, you must run npm install in the directory in which you cloned geo-front3 in order to download all the dependencies. This is required to have some commands in node_modules/.bin that are needed to build the project.

Update from

  1. Go the the master branch and update it with the code of swisstopo. Typically this is done by:
    1. git checkout master
    2. git fetch upstream master
    3. git rebase upstream/master
  2. Go to the branch devel: git checkout devel
  3. Merge master into devel: git merge master
  4. Solve the merge conflicts. See Some tips to resolve merge conflicts for help.
  5. Update Open Layers. See How to update Open Layer for the procedure.
  6. Commit the result.
  7. Push the result. If the push fails because you have unpulled changes, do not try a rebase: a rebase will cancel your merge commit (and will loose your merge work, unless you do a git rebase --abort) and you will have to handle conflict for each commit from swisstopo you are merging into the current branch. So if that happens, do:
    1. git fetch origin devel to get the changes.
    2. git merge origin/devel to merge them with a merge commit into your local branch.
    3. git push to push the result.

Some tips to resolve merge conflicts

Components removed

You can safely remove any files related to these components:

  • tooltip
  • query

Components rewritten

You can safely checkout any files that belong to these components:

  • print
  • wmsimport (rewritten into owsimport)

New components

Normally, they should be in the merge conflicts:

  • features
  • importows
  • webdav

How to update Open Layer

We need to build our own version of ol.js since we need some exports that Swisstopo doesn’t. In order to do this, we have a scrip called Before committing the merge result, please launch it (you must be in the root folder of geo-front3):


The script will do everything for you. If the Makefile was updated by Swisstopo, check whether it impacts how OpenLayers is updated. If so, update the script accordingly before launching it.