Documentation for geo-front3, geo-api3 and geo-infra

This is the documentation for the following projects:

It can be seen here. The sources are available here.

This documentation is also available in French.


Who are you?

  • Users, in this documentation, are those who manage a specific customer infrastructure: creation of portal (configuration, help website, searches, definition of get features), deployment of the portals. They can be helped by the developers or the system administrators to perform some tasks.
  • Developers write code in geo-api3, geo-front3 and geo-infra. They may occasionally help the user or the system administrators to perform their tasks.
  • System administrators are in charge of the administration of the servers and databases. They are mostly present to help set up the infrastructure for the first time on their servers (installation of dependencies, configuration of system daemons, creation of the git repositories to deploy a portal to production). Once the setup is done, the users should be able to manage most of the things by themselves. They may still take action from times to time to update packages or redeploy the API.

Future evolutions

You can view the list of future evolutions and how we plan them to work on the dedicated page here.

Notes on code from upstream

To learn more about how the code of mf-geodamin3 and mf-chsdi3 from Swisstopo works, have a look at these sections:

About this documentation

Most of the files use either the markdown syntax, plain html or the Restructured Text syntax. Currently, the documentation is written partially in English and French.

For new files, please use RST and English unless you have a good reason not to.

This documentation is built with sphinx-doc. In addition to sphinx, you will need the pulgins below to build the documentation:

To build this documentation in HTML under _build/html for all supported languages, use:

manuel build-doc

To update the po files for the translations, use this:

manuel update-doc-translations

You can then edit the po to translate the documentation. Contributions are welcomed.


manuel is a task runner for Bash and was created by Shane Kilkelly. It is released under the MIT License.

geo-front3 and geo-api3 are based on mf-geoadmin3 and mf-chsdi3. Those two softwares were created by swisstopo the Federal Office of Topography of Switzerland for their geoportal They are released under the BSD licence.

geo-front3 and geo-api3 were forked and adapted to modernize the geoportals proposed by sigeom sa a Swiss civil engineer, GIS specialist and land surveying company. The adaptation was performed by Ioda-Net Sàrl a Swiss company specialized in Open Source software.

The following companies give financial support, help to keep this software up to date with swisstopo code, and open source:

Want to help too? contact (at) geoportal (dot) xyz

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